Most of us can probably concur that TV real estate agents, perky HR managers and safe comics (think Jay Leno) can irk. But how many of you can agree that:

1) There’s something shady about Sandra Bullock.

2) Anne Hathaway is an irritating brown noser (though, after the Oscars, a few more may have switched to Team Too Perky ).

3) The hype over those Twilight kids is perplexing.

See, you think I suck.

My latest diversion from popular opinion involves Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives fame.

I get it, most of you love the Dynasty throwback and her dog-accessory. But I gotta fess up, Lisa didn’t dazzle for me. And I ain’t buying the Mother Theresa in a Mansion act.

I find myself throwing the Brit a side-eye more often than not. Maybe it’s because I’m judgmental and she was on Bay Watch. Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Lisa’s tight with the 40-something version of Paris Hilton, Kyle Richards.

Whatever the case, I’m not buying what Lisa’s throwing down. In my opinion, she’s the main shit-stirrer of that crew; yet, homegirl regularly tops “favorite” polls. The verdict is in and North America is wild about the K9-toting, glorified barkeep.

My unoriginal theory: it’s the accent. She opens her mouth and our collective subconscious registers “proper sophistication”. Lisa gets to hide her bitchiness in plain site ’cause she sounds like Mary Poppins.

(Hmmm, come to think of it, I may just be jealous. English accents really do help soften the sting of naturally bitter individuals such as myself. #madonnawins)

For a Bravo star, though, Lisa is packing some commendable wit–albeit the WASP-y kind.

And all you perky HR managers out there, sorry to have to hate; I’ve just never understood the types of people who tend to thrive in that field–both the perky and power-hungry. It probably has to do with my preference for lazy grumps.